Kinderschool Adlerian Nursery

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8905 Bayview Ave , Richmond Hill , Ontario , L4B 3M8 , Canada
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By J Lo

5 Dec 6, 2018

The best school for your children!

My two sons have had the privilege to attend Kinderschool and they are always happy to go. As a therapist, I had the opportunity to consult to many different daycares and schools. Kinderschool is by far the best school I have seen. The teachers at Kinderschool treat my kids like their own and it is evident that they love being with the children. They are very knowledgeable and experienced, they even have parenting strategies that have been helpful to my family. I met parents at Kinderschool who have attended kinderschool themselves--a true testament of how great the school is.
By Nasim Farzib

5 Apr 6, 2018

Great school

Words can not describe how we are happy that we found Kinder school. My son loves his kinder school, he run through the class every morning and at nights his stories are about kinder school and his friends there.  The teachers and staff are really friendly and experienced. They know the kids and how they have to deal with them, which I think makes my son happy. He learns the life lessons and academics there which means a lot for us.
By Allen Y

5 Nov 30, 2017
We could not be more pleased putting our daughter in the hands of the teachers here for the past few years. In that time, the caring teachers in Kinderschool have taught her to be independent, helpful, confident, responsible, curious and knowing how to care for others. These are traits that are just as, if not more important than hard skills, which we believe will prepare her well for her future.
By Mariam Reyhani

5 Sep 19, 2017
Sending our children to Kinderschool was one of the best decisions we made - the philosophy and principles that this school was founded upon are truly fundamental in raising our children. As a parent, we took advantage of the classes offered, as well as all the wisdom and guidance imparted on us by the (incredible) teachers - choosing Kinderschool is an investment in your children, but also in the way you parent as a whole. A great step in the right direction for the entire family!
By Nicole Lee

5 Sep 15, 2017
Kinderschool is the best place to send your child in the Richmond Hill and surrounding areas! All four of my children have benefited immensely from what kinderschool and its teachers have to offer. It made the transition from pre-school to kindergarten seamless. It helped them gain confidence and self-esteem. It was a place where they felt safe, loved, and an important part of a community. The teachers at kinderschool love and appreciate their students for who they are and provide an inclusive environment for them to grow and learn. Not only are the kinderschool teachers wonderful with children, they are a wealth of information on parenting. Take advantage of their expertise! I am so thankful that we found this school.
By Wai Ho

5 Sep 15, 2017
Kinderschool really turns things around for my daughter. Kids' reactions are honest. Every morning I open the car door, she runs into Kinderschool with a big smile and from that, I know this is a wonderful school.
By Emma Gruszczynska

5 Sep 15, 2017
Nestled in a little oasis, Kinderschool is a gem! I couldn't have asked for a better place or staff to introduce my kids to a world without me. A loving approach and emphasis on independence is what makes them stand out. I remember my daughter's reaction when she successfully put on her winter coat at Kinderschool, it was priceless. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies that get to deal with my second child now!
By Mnemosyne

5 Sep 8, 2017
My friend originally referred me to Kinderschool when I was looking for a daycare for my daughter. Am I glad he did. My daughter had a fantastic year at Kinderschool. She went there at 3 years of age and made life long friends, befriended the fantastic teachers and grew so much in a safe and nurturing environment. I was also very happy to find a place for kids with actual green space attached to the school building where they can play in the fresh air! This school is a no brainer. Two thumbs up and five stars.